Bulbagraphic:An Appeal

An Appeal
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  • Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Hi guys!

Thanks for making the first three issues of Bulbagraphic so incredibly awesome. It's been a fun ride so far, and I'm hoping it'll continue. But in order for Bulbagraphic to continue, we need your help.

We can always use more articles. And as you can see from Issue 3 and our past issues, we aren't particular about what we cover. The eclectic mix of issues that has defined Bulbagraphic is truly hard to pin down. I could mention our articles trying to apply real-world paradigms to the Pokémon universe. Or I could point to the discussions about competitive battling. Or people in the Pokémon community—or the comparisons between Pokémon and other games.

The list, as they say, goes on. But the point is that we need you to continue our growth. And if you're reading Bulbagraphic, you're the kind of person who can definitely add to the discussion. So if you have something you want to talk about, and it's even tangentially related to Pokémon, drop me a line at evkl @ bulbagarden [dot] net. And put “Bulbagraphic” in the email title somewhere. I'd love to have a chat about your idea, and if you're not quite sure of an idea but you still want to write, let me know! We'll have a conversation and work something out.

The other thing we could use a little help with is editing. If you have a few free hours to give reading an article or three, we'd very much appreciate it. You don't need any experience; just a basic grasp of grammar conventions and spelling, and we'll help you out with the rest.

Again, I want to thank everybody for reading Bulbagraphic these past three months. The next few are going to be even better. And who knows—we might have some surprises come the holidays for our loyal readers.

Looking forward to hearing from the creative readers out there, evkl Managing Editor, National Bulbagraphic