Bulbagraphic:The Lore of the Labyrinth

The Lore of the Labyrinth
Part 3 of Bulbagraphic's Serialized Fanfic
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  • Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Episode 3: The Lore of the Labyrinth

The Rainbow Wings departed the Rising Moltres in high spirits later that evening. "Our first expedition in some time--I can't wait to see what the Labyrinth of Mystic Secrets holds!" Ash began. "Let's go!" he called as he made a beeline to the town's south gate.

"Your enthusiasm is welcomed, but shouldn't we see what we're up against and how to get to the labyrinth first?" Brock asked as he pulled Ash back by the cape.

"But--" Ash started to protest.

"Cardinal rule of combat: Know thy enemy." Dawn agreed. "We've studied an unfamiliar dungeon before, I don't see why we should forget that step now." Ash sighed and followed his friends through the bustling town square to where the library stood by the entrance to the west district, the blue banners of the scholar's guild fluttering in the breeze.

Later, in the library...

"You know, I enjoy braving unknown ruins and dungeons because I can help people." Dawn explained as she watched Brock pore through a stack of books. "Be this finding a treasure or saving a loved one, the greatest treasure, to me, is seeing people happy."

"I do it in hopes I can learn more about the magical mysteries and wonders in our world." Brock replied as he thumbed through a book. "We know so much of the gods and magic, and at the same time, there's so much more to discover."

"But what about you, Ash? You've never told us your reasons for adventuring." Dawn asked. "Do you dream of the glory and riches, like every other treasure hunter out there?"

"Hardly." Ash replied as he studied people wandering through the stacks of books. "Like you, I also want to help people in the stead of the imprisoned goddess of light. But I also hope that an adventure will lead me to the eight medallions to wake Arceus and free Thiana."

"A noble goal, indeed, but Arceus will only awaken to one that has all eight medallions--so if they are scattered among multiple people, he will continue sleeping." Brock cautioned before turning a book to where his comrades could see. "Now then, to our task at hand."

"Looks pretty straightforward..." Ash mused as he studied the slightly twisty route through the labyrinth.

"The labyrinth lies within the caves in the forest west of here." Brock explained. "As such, we will likely need a light source to see our path."

"Nothing your Angel Ring spell couldn't fix." Dawn assured Brock.

"And compared to a torch, it's free." Ash added. "What monsters would we likely see inside?"

Brock looked further down the page for a moment, then continued. "Mainly undead of all types--skeletons of forest Pokemon, ghouls, ghasts, and zombies of all kinds have been spotted there."

"Not zombies..." Dawn shuddered at the memory of the time a zombie Ursaring had nearly drained all her energy as the three of them explored an old crypt.

"If Brock hadn't brought his harp that day, you wouldn't be here." Ash agreed.

"One of the few times I was glad to hear 'The Wind and Rain'" Dawn muttered.

"It's settled then..." Ash announced as he got up from the table. "We set out for the Labyrinth in the morning!

To Be Continued...