Bulbagraphic:Who's that Pokémon? (September 2011 edition)

Who's that Pokémon? (September 2011 edition)
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  • Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Who's That Pokemon?

If you guessed Blissey, then you are correct. I was compelled to spotlight Blissey because I felt it was present in all aspects of the Pokémon world. Contrary to its prominence, I feel that Blissey is underrated and overlooked when it comes to being an all-around "good Pokémon". So now that Blissey is introduced, let's get to the “looking” part!

Blissey is the Happiness Pokémon and is caring and compassionate to those who meet it. It is egg-shaped and is pink and white. It also seems possible that Blissey may be modeled after Nurse Joy, for the curls on its head and its skirt-like bottom half. The egg it carries in its pouch is said to be filled with happiness, and when eaten, the eater is filled with happiness. Furthermore, the egg is rumored to be delicious. Its “fur” is able to sense sadness or pain, and when sensed Blissey cares for the afflicted party, healing it and making it happy. Blissey's name comes from the word “bliss,” which means “happiness". Blissey is a rare Pokémon, as sightings of it are infrequent. Since Blissey are great nurses, they can often be found in Pokémon Centers.

Blissey in Ignorance is Blissey

In the animé, every Pokémon gets their time to shine. Each Pokémon has an episode dedicated to it with a few exceptions. Afterward, it is usually relegated to minor roles. Blissey's highlight episode is Ignorance is Blissey. Ash and friends meet a Blissey at a Pokémon Center who absolutely steals their heart. When Team Rocket arrives, Ash and co. learn that Jessie knows Blissey from when it was a Chansey in nursing school. To remember each other, Jessie and then Chansey keep a half of a egg-shaped necklace. In nursing school, Jessie must attack Blissey to prevent it from getting in trouble for giving the Rocket Trio food, instead making it look like Jessie and James forced Blissey to give them the food unwillingly. After this episode, all of Blissey's appearances were in a Pokémon Center (except for one where it was at a trading convention).

Blissey was added in Pokémon Gold and Silver, but it was still rare as Chansey was still very rare. In Gen IV it became easier to obtain a Blissey. All that is necessary is to visit the Lost Tower and get the Oval Stone on the second floor, and then head over to Hearthome City, where a hiker will give you a Happiny egg. Have Happiny hold the Oval Stone and level it up during the day time, and it will evolve into Chansey. Blissey can then be obtained by means of leveling up Chansey when it is happy. This Pokémon is not recommended for casual players as the ideal Blissey requires breeding for moves and IVs, and EV training for HP and Special Defense. It could be on a casual team with Return/Refresh, Softboiled, Healing Wish, and Toxic/Sing as a Healer or a Wall.

In competitive Single Battles, Blissey is ideally used as a Wish Supporter, with good IVs and EVs in HP and Special Defense. It would preferably have Natural Cure and a Bold nature. It would be holding Leftovers and know Wish, Protect, Seismic Toss and Toxic. This is using the “stall and heal” strategy. In Double and Triple Battles, Blissey would have Softboiled instead of Protect, using Softboiled as a self-heal, while using Wish as a party heal. When not using healing moves, Blissey would attack. There are different attack sets, but this is the most common because it optimizes Blissey's abilities.

Blissey in the manga

Blissey appeared in the manga when it was used by Emerald in the Pike Tournament. The Blissey was initially captured by Crystal but lent to Emerald for his use. He had initial success with it but it was eventually knocked out. In spite of this, it was a contributing factor to the defeat of Queen's Seviper. He had Blissey use Softboiled on Rapidash, and then Rapidash finished with Overheat to win the tournament. In the Trading Card Game Blissey is a very reliable card in certain decks. One way to use Blissey is by using a Blissey card that has a Special Ability that allows it to heal itself, and for it to have an attack that does decent damage. Blissey is also found in side games: Pokémon Trozei, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, and the Pokémon Ranger games.

Well, that's Blissey in an “egg shell”! Please look forward to another “eggciting” article where we will once again play “Who's That Pokémon?” And I hope you all continue to have “Blissful” season!