Celebi, Jirachi confirmed to be available via Nintendo Network for PAL regions

To be distributed same way as for American region
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  • Sunday, February 7, 2016

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The 20th anniversary Celebi and Jirachi will be available for PAL region Generation VI games via Nintendo Network. They will be the same as the distributions announced for American region games.

20th anniversary Celebi artwork
20th anniversary Jirachi artwork

From March 1 until March 24, Celebi will be distributed via Nintendo Network. Celebi will know the moves Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell and Safeguard, have the Ability Natural Cure, have no held item, and have the Trainer ID number 03016.

From April 1 until April 24, Jirachi will be distributed via Nintendo Network. Jirachi will know the moves Wish, Confusion, and Rest, have the Ability Serene Grace, hold a Salac Berry, and have the Trainer ID number 04016.

These distributions are the second and third of the Mythical Pokémon distributions being held to promote the Pokémon 20th Anniversary. A different Pokémon will be distributed during each month this year (except January). All of the distributions are confirmed for Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia, but only the United States has details for all the distributions.

In the United States distribution, the majority will be online, with one every 3 months being an in-store code distribution. So far, this also appears to be the case for PAL region distributions.