Column:Japan Weekly

Japan Weekly
Columnist DeltaSuicune
Status Defunct
Schedule Weekly
License None
Original run June 2005 - December 2005
List of articles

Japan Weekly is a column written by DeltaSuicune and published on Bulbanews. It summarizes the week's top stories from Japan, as reported by Pokeani.

This column ran for four months in 2005. The first issue was published on June 10. By the end of its run, it had assumed regular weekly publications. Ten issues were written.

This column is no longer carried by Bulbanews.


  1. June 4 - June 10: Advance Generation movie station "Banmū" quizzes available online; Factory needle discovered in PokéPark PokéDoll; Anime X-Press Pokémon Sunday giveaway to award five posters; Pokémon included amongst those to get dedicated theme park allocation in the Japanese Las Vegas project; Pokémon Daisuki Club announces new guide, promotion, and investigation
  2. June 13 - June 19: Movie bonus present & limited ed. Pokémon card addition campaign; Special live airing of Pokémon Sunday: studio observation opportunity; McDonald's summer Pokémon campaign; Legendary Mew starter deck and Legendary Forest expansion set released for the TCG; Clear the 12 attractions at the PokéPark and become a PokéMaster!; July's Anything Contest is the Pokémon Summer Greeting Card Contest
  3. July 28 - August 4: PokéSpecial manga popularity contest begins; Additional Pokémon XD information revealed
  4. August 14 - Augsut 21: Pokémon XD strategy guide in stores September 1; Trivia challenge at Pokémon Card homepage; Pokémon TCG World Tour 2005 is here again!; GBA Micro launches September 13; US GBM launch info revealed
  5. August 20 - August 27: More information on Pokémon XD strategy guidebooks; Reminder of upcoming game release dates
  6. August 28 - September 3: Possible postponement for Mystery Dungeon games; More details on Pokémon Torō ze revealed
  7. September 17 - September 24: 10 year statistical records show Pokémon as #3; Pokémon Torō ze pre-orders open; Eighth movie to be released on DVD Dec. 22
  8. October 1 - October 8: New Pokémon to join Team Rocket; Concept art for eighth movie available online; More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed; Pokémon edition Game Boy Micro launching Nov. 17
  9. October 9 - October 15: Pokémon Torō ze to have wireless functions; More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed
  10. October 16 - October 22: More Pokémon-themed DS covers planned; More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed