Further fifth generation localizations revealed

Mebukijika, others localized
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  • Monday, February 7, 2011

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Official Nintendo Magazine UK has revealed even more names in their latest article posted to the site. Onondo, Mebukijika, Haderia, Lepardas, Dageki, and Desumasu have been given the names Fraxure, Sawsbuck, Herdier, Liepard, Sawk, and Yamask respectively.

This update follows a previous article posted today on the IGN and ONM UK websites confirming names various names such as Emolga.

The moves Canon, Retaliation, Healing Wave, Elecball, Boiling Water, Evil Eye and Wood Horn have respectively become Round, Retaliate, Heal Pulse, Electro Ball, Scald, Hex and Horn Leech, while abilities Tension and Regeneration have become Unnerve and Regenerator. The Pokémon Musical keeps its translated name.

This announcement brings the total number of localized fifth-generation Pokémon to more than 50.

Pokémon names

Image Japanese English
  Lepardas Liepard
  Haderia Herdier
  Onondo Fraxure
  Mebukijika Sawsbuck
  Desumasu Yamask
  Dageki Sawk

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