Mew definitely under the truck, says kid in your class

Mew definitely under the truck, says kid in your class
Sources claim you’re just doing it wrong
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  • Friday, April 1, 1998

This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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It was confirmed earlier today that Mew is indeed concealed beneath the truck in Kuchiba City. There has been some confusion about how exactly to move the truck in order to retrieve Mew, but today that kid in your class issued a clarification on the matter.
Red truck.jpg
This one is filled with Mew!

The truck can only be moved if the player has a party consisting of four Fighting-type monsters, all of whom must know the move Super Strength. The fifth slot of the party must contain a Level 100 Mewtwo with the moves Flash, Memory Lapse, Shadow Divide and Teleport. The sixth slot must be empty, to allow to Mew to join.

That kid in your class was quick to point out that this can only be done once the Four Heavenly Kings have been beaten exactly two hundred times.

When asked if there was any truth to a related rumor that the team tackling the Four Heavenly Kings must be made up of six Caterpie, that kid in your class added: “Yeah. Yeah, I just remembered that part. It has to be Caterpie.”

Previous reports from that kid in your class suggested that Mew would be obtained after beating the Four Heavenly Kings just 100 times. These were later proven to be false, leading to today’s clarification. Though some doubt has been cast on the accuracy of his information, he was confirmed as a reliable source at lunchbreak today when he revealed that his uncle “works at Nintendo”.