Movie 13, Bandai possibly reveal new Pokémon

Two to four new creatures unveiled
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  • Monday, July 5, 2010

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New Pokémon have reportedly been revealed in the thirteenth Pokémon movie and by toy company Bandai. Only one's name is known, 「ネズミミ」 Nezumimi. As the Pokémon may be the same, two to four Pokémon have been revealed through these leaks.

One of the unnamed Pokémon has seemingly appeared in leaked beta art of the characters appearing in the next anime series.


These Pokémon were revealed during the thirteenth movie.

  • 「ネズミミ」 Nezumimi
  • Unnamed Pokémon (interpretation on right)


These Pokémon were revealed by a Chinese retailer, and are part of Bandai's Kimewaza Pokémon Kids line.

  • Unnamed Pokemon (left), possibly appeared in anime beta art (Rumoured to be named 「ナマクス」 Namakusu)
  • Unnamed Pokémon (right) (Rumoured to be named 「ネズミドリ」 Nezumidori)

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