New Pokémon dub season infomation potentially appears

Thirteenth season to begin May 22 with 158th episode
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  • Saturday, May 1, 2010

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A moderator at the forums has posted information on the upcoming dub episodes of Pokémon airing in the month of May, including the title of the next season. This was later confirmed by the MSN TV schedule.

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On May 15, the 157th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, Gotta Get a Gible!, will air, concluding the Galactic Battles season. The twelfth season will end up consisting of 52 episodes, skipping the 120th episode due to it being a clip show.

The following week, the thirteenth season will air under the name of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors, signifying the fact that the season will feature Ash battling in the Sinnoh League tournament, as the previous season's title referred to the end of the conflict with Team Galactic. Due to the Diamond & Pearl series ending this Fall in Japan, this will be also the final season of this series.

The first episode of the season is titled Regaining the Home Advantage!, featuring Ash and his friends struggling with a Metagross and a Magnezone. The second episode is titled Short and To the Punch! and will air on May 29. It focuses on Ash's Buizel as it learns a new move in order to defeat a trainer's Mr. Mime. The season's third episode will air on June 5, and is titled A Marathon Rivalry!.