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Yet more Diamond and Pearl information released

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==New Pokémon==
{| {{bluetable}} align="center"
|- style="background: #ccf;"
! width="10%" | Name
| width="30%" | ''Cherimu''
| width="30%" | ''Pachirisu''
| width="30%" | ''Dorapion''
|- lang="ja" style="background: #ccf;"
! なまえ
| チェリム
! ぶんるい
| サクラポケモン
| でんきりすポケモン
| ばけさそりポケモン
! Type
Weavile learns ''Seize'' (さしおさえ), which stops the opponent from using items.
Cherimu learns ''Worry Seed'' (なやみのたねタネ), which gives the opponent [[bp:Insomnia (ability)|Insomnia]].
Pachirisu learns ''?'' (とっておき, lit. something which is held in reserve), which can only be used when all other moves have been used.
==Wi-Fi functionality==
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are capable of using the Wi-Fi functionality of the Nintendo DS, which allows players to connect over the Internet. As with other games, you must get the Friend Code of your opponents before being able to connect. It appears that up to eight codes can be stored in the game.
You can battle, trade Pokémon and use the internal microphone to talk over Wi-Fi in Diamond and Pearl. This functionality can be accessed via the Pokémon Wi-Fi Club, which is located in the previously revealed Pokémon Center basement.