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! Species
| Sakura Pokémon
| Electricsquirrel Pokémon
| Monsterscorpion Pokémon
|- lang="ja"
! ぶんるい
| 日差しが強くなると、花開くと言われている。
| 静電気をしっぽにためることができる。
| 涼雨で両腕のツメは自動車をスクラップにする破壊力らしいぞ。
==Non-player characters==
The player's green-haired rival is a childhood friend, and is on a journey for the same reason as the player. Unlike previous games, the rival will sometimes engage in double battle with the player. It is not clear what role the opposite-gendered player character will play in the game.
The villainous organisation in Shin'ō is named ''Team Galaxy'' (ギンガ団). Among other things, they try to entice Pokémon to do their bidding, attempt to invite the professor to do research for them and steal people's Pokémon.
==New abilities==
Lucario's trademark move, ''Aura Blast'' (はどうだん) is a Fighting-type move.
Munchlax is able to learnlearns ''Nature's Blessing'' (しぜんのめぐみ), which changes type and power depending on the berry it is carrying.
Weavile learns ''Seize'' (さしおさえ), which stops the opponent from using items.