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Pokémon Video Game Championships information revealed

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tagline=Shiny Milotic to be disributeddistributed to participants only|
blurb=ShinyThe MiloticPokémon areVideo goingGame toChampionships besite givenhas outrecently atopened, therevealing Shinyinformation Milotic given away aton the 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championshipsevent. }}
[[ImageFile:350-MiloticWcsv.jpgpng|Pokémon Video Game Championships|thumb|left|125px|Milotic]]
[[Image:350The s.png|thumb|right|Milotic'sPokémon ShinyVideo PlatinumGame Sprite]]Championships site has recently opened, revealing information on the event.
The PokémonRegional VideoChampionships Gamewill be held on May 9 in Seattle, WA, May 16 in Francisco, CA, May 23 in Phoenix, AZ, May 30 in Dallas, TX, June 6 in Philadelphia, PA and June 13 in Nashville, TN. National Championships will announcedbe thaton theyJune 27 in St. Louis, MO while the invitational World Championships will distributebe held on Aug. 14 ain {{bp|AlternateSan coloration|Shiny}}Diego, {{p|Milotic}}CA.
TheAll siteparticipants providesare onlyrequired basicto informationuse asa itsNorth moves,American levelversion of {{game|Platinum}}. Players will compete in two divisions, abilitydepending on the year of their birth. All participants are required to fill out a ''Team Information Sheet'' during registration, andplacing otherthe information on the Pokémon and {{bp|held items}} they will be using. The Miloticlevels willof the Pokémon entered should be atlower Levelthan 50level with51. Pokémon that are level 51 or higher may not be entered. Certain Pokémon and their forms will also be banned from the championships. These are {{ap|MarvelMew}}, Scale{{p|Mewtwo}}, ability{{p|Tyranitar}}, and{{p|Lugia}}, with{{p|Ho-Oh}}, the{{p|Celebi}}, moves{{p|Kyogre}}, {{mp|RainGroudon}}, Dance{{p|Rayquaza}}, {{mp|RecoverJirachi}}, {{mp|HydroDeoxys}}, Pump{{p|Rotom}}, and{{p|Dialga}}, {{mp|IcyPalkia}}, Wind{{p|Giratina}}., It{{p|Phione}}, will{{p|Manaphy}}, also{{p|Darkrai}}, hold{{p|Shaymin}} aand {{bpp|Flame OrbArceus}}. Other rules and arestrictions may be found on the Classiclink Ribbonbelow.
The eventsite also provided information on a distribution that will haveoccur. Participants of the followingchampionships stops:may Mayreceive 9a at{{Shiny}} Seattle{{p|Milotic}}, WA,similar Mayto 16the at{{bp|WCS Francisco,Milotic|one CA,given Mayaway 23in atJapan}} Phoenix,{{bp|2008 AZ,TCG MayWorld 30Championships|last atyear}}. Dallas,The TX,Milotic Junewill 6be male and in a Cherish Ball. It will be at PhiladelphiaLevel 50 with the moves {{m|Rain Dance}}, PA{{m|Recover}}, {{m|Hydro Pump}}, and June{{m|Icy 13Wind}}. atIt Nashvillewill also hold a {{bp|Flame Orb}} and a Classic Ribbon, TNpreventing it from being traded over the {{bp|Global Trade Station}}.
This Milotic is similar to the Shiny Milotic given out in Japan last year for the {{bp|List_of_Nintendo_event_Pokémon_in_2008#TCG_World_Championships_2008_Milotic|2008 TCG World Championships}}.
* [ Video Game Championships website]
** [ ReceiveReceiving the Shiny Milotic]