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Three shadows unveiled

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[[ImageFile:Shadow3.jpg|frame|left|Manyula, Manene and Usohachi]]
The May 2005 issue of [[bp:CoroCoro|CoroCoro]] has finally unmasked the 3 mysterious Pokémon sillhouettes which have been circulating in the Pokémon community since last month, Usohachi, Manene, and Manyula. Together with [[bp:Munchlax|Munchlax]] and [[bp:Lucario|Lucario]], this puts the total number of known [[bp:Generation IV|Generation IV]] Pokémon at 5.
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==The new Pokémon==
CoroCoro hints that these Pokémon are all related to existing ones, with such rhetorical questions as "Why do I feel like I have seen this black-bodied, hook-clawed Pokémon [Manyula] before?"
| colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" | '''マニューラ''' ''Manyula''
| colspan="2" style="text-align: center; background: white;" | [[Image:Manyuura:461-1k.jpggif|none|100px|Manyula]]
| style="text-align: right;" | '''Species'''
==External links==
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* [ Pikachu the Movie 2005 official website] (Japanese)