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First Gen V Pokémon revealed in Pokémon Sunday

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[[File:PSGEN5.png|thumb|right|200px|The new Pokémon.]]
In an expected move, Game Freak has announced a new generation of Pokémon today during {{bp|Pokémon Sunday}}. The first {{bp|Generation V}} Pokémon has been revealed. Many details are unknown at this point, but it is known that the new Pokémon will be starring in the next Pokémon movie, {{bp|M13|Ruler of Illusions Z}}. Some sites report that this mysterious Pokémon is Z itself, butwith asit of nowsaid that is purely speculation; all that has been said of the Pokémon is that it "grasps the key" to the movie.
Generation V has been anticipated since the release of {{bp|Pokémon Platinum Version}}. Its release is expected to be in 2010 for the {{bp|Nintendo DS}}, following the earlier announcement on the Japanese Pokémon website.
The new Pokémon was only shown in silhouette. The Pokémon's full revelation will come in two weeks, on the Feb. 21 episode of Pokémon Sunday. Some sites have reported that this mysterious Pokémon is Z itself, but as of now this is purely speculation, apparently based on an announcement earlier in the program that Z would be revealed in that same program on Feb. 21.