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TV Tokyo reveals 167th Diamond & Pearl episode

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TV Tokyo has just revealed the title for the {{bp|DP167|167th}} episode of {{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl}}. The episode 「海辺のポケモンスクール!」 ''The Beach Pokémon School!'' is set to air on TV Tokyo on March 11.
The episode is set in a Pokémon school by a beach, where {{an|Dawn|Hikari}} is said to become a school teacher. The site also mentions that Hikari will try a new {{bp|contest combination}}. {{bp|Jessie|Musashi}}, disguised as ''Candy Musalina'', will also win her fourth {{bp|ribbon}} from Tonarino Town in this episode. {{bp|Johanna|Ayako}}, Hikari's mother, will be one of the judges of the Tonarino Contest.
Hikari is a {{bp|Pokémon Coordinator}}, whose current goal is to participate and win the {{bp|Grand Festival}} {{bp|Sinnoh Grand Festival|of}} her {{bp|Twinleaf Town|home}} {{bp|Sinnoh|region}}. She won her first {{bp|ribbon}} in the {{bp|Pokémon Contest}} in {{bp|Floaroma Town|Sonoo Town}}. After two lossesloses, she managed to win her second one after defeating {{an|May|Haruka}} in the {{bp|Wallace Cup|Mikuri Cup}}, which was held near {{bp|Lake Valor|Risshi Lake}}, where the upcoming Grand Festival will be held. Her last three ribbons were obtained from the contests in {{bp|Celestic Town|Kannagi Town}}, {{bp|Chocovine Town|Akebi Town}}, and {{bp|Asatsuki Town}}, the last two of which were won after defeating one of her rivals, {{bp|Ursula|Urara}}.
Over the duration of her journey so far, Hikari was able to come up with various contest combinations. The first one involves her Pokémon spinning as they use a {{bp|move}} or evade one. This was followed by the more complex {{t|Ice}} {{m|Aqua Jet}}. Her {{AP|Buizel|Buoysel}} was unable to master the combination until later on, when became part of {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}}'s team. The next combination once again involves ice. By swallowing its {{bp|Ice Shard|Ice Throwing Stone}}, her {{bp|Dawn's Mamoswine|Mammoo}} is able to gain some sort of ice armor on its back. Her latest combination is known as ''{{bp|Dawn's Cyndaquil|Flame}} Ice'', which was just mastered during the {{pkmn|battle}} that earned her her fifth ribbon.