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Talk:Looking Forward: The Stuff of Legends

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What do you mean 'mindless'?!
I can't believe you would say that Pokémon is mindless entertainment; I personally find the show to be quite engaging, and I know my sister (age 25, 4 years older than me) and my mother (53, and she doesn't care who knows it) concur. In fact, compared to some of the other shows that pass for cartoons nowadays, Pokémon is mentally stimulating and highly educational! (Then again, I can find gems of wisdom in just about every Pokémon episode/movie. However, in light of my predisposition to shamelessly promote the franchise, I'm trying not to develop a bias against those who are... shall we say, less enthusiastic?). --[[User:ILOVETOGETIC|ILOVETOGETIC]] 09:47, 5 August 2010 (UTC)
The shows actually started out as pretty mentally stimulating, but as time has progressed, it has pretty much boiled down to a bare skeleton of what it once was. Team Rocket is no longer threatening. There are countless episodes in Gen 1 and Gen 2 seasons where Team Rocket actually had viable plans that were downright dastardly and where, if it wasn't for the kids interrupting, they would have made off with a ton of Pokemon, and in the beginning, they blasted off every so often. Fast forward to Gen 3 and 4 seasons. Team Rocket appears every episode, usually on some rinse-and-repeat scheme from Meowth to get the boss a pokemon to make his life more pleasant. Always, Ash turns his Pikachu on them and thunderbolts them to blasting off. Always, even if they appear for like 3 minutes, the meet the same, electrical demise. That being said, there are rare few episodes that break that mold, but a rare few. Ash, in the new seasons, is an idiot in terms of battling, and apparently hasn't picked up on battling tips from the 4 regions he's been through, often throwing out a poorly typed Pokemon against something it that will overpower it easily. At his stage, having beat 3 leagues and working on the Sinnoh, he should know how to win battles seamlessly. The shows have just lost some substance as the time goes on and I'm hoping that Best Wishes will rememdy that. --[[User:Oleandervine|Oleandervine]] 10:33, 5 August 2010 (UTC)