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*Sinnoh League Victors will be the shortest season of the anime at 32 episodes, and from my guesstamation, there will be a break during the holidays into the new year with new episodes starting to air in February leading into the Black and White series. That break will not start until after the November sweeps here in the USA. We need to update the US Cartoon Network schedule and add the new CN logo. [[User:Kojirojames2006|Kojirojames2006]] 10:59 AM US EDT Aug 13 2010.
::Actually, the BW series dates have been unannounced. And sure, I'll update the logo, though you could too.--'''[[User:Immewnity|<span style="color:#88AADD">''immewnity''</span>]][[User talk:Immewnity|the]][[Special:Contributions/Immewnity|mew]]''' 21:03, 19 August 2010 (UTC)
:::Nevermind, didn't see it was upload to a different name.--'''[[User:Immewnity|<span style="color:#88AADD">''immewnity''</span>]][[User talk:Immewnity|the]][[Special:Contributions/Immewnity|mew]]''' 21:04, 19 August 2010 (UTC)