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Cards and merchandise for Emerging Powers surface

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[[File:Emerging Powers logo.png|right|px300|thumb|Emerging Powers logo]]
Three images of future cards debuting in the {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} expansion have surfaced. {{p|Beartic}}, {{p|Braviary}}, and Pokémon Catcher will join {{p|Thundurus}} and {{p|Tornadus}} for the August release. Also shown were a prototype image of the Emerging Powers three pack blister, and three new tins coming in October. The October tins feature new {{p|Serperior}}, {{p|Emboar}}, and {{p|Samurott}} cards, or, at least, reprints with never before seen artwork. The three pack blister image is only a prototype, meaning the Pansage is not a promo but actually from the Emerging Powers expansion.
File:Prototype BW2 Pansage Blister.pngjpg
File:October 2011 tins.png