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About the new pokemon:
Manyuura (マニューラ)
Specie: Sharp Claw (かぎづめ) Pokemon
Height: 1.1 m
Weight: 34.0 kg
A black-bodied pokemon with a big crown and sharp claws. This pokemon usually travels in pairs instead of alone
Manene (マネネ)
Specie: Mime (マイム) Pokemon
Height: 0.6 m
Weight: 13.0 kg
A jolly pokemon that likes to mimic people and dance.
Usohachi (ウソハチ)
Specie: Bonzai (ぼんさい) Pokemon
Height: 0.5 m
Weight: 15.0 kg
A pokemon that likes to fake tears. In the movie, it joins Ash and co. with its quirky words.