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Three shadows unveiled

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blurb=The 20th volumeshadows of the popular [[bp:manga|manga]]Usohachi, [[bp:PokémonManene Special|Pokémonand Special]],Manyuura has finallyhave been confirmedunmasked andin willthe beMay on05 saleissue inof JapanCorocoro. startingFrom Apriltheir 26.appearance Labelledand aavailable ''commemorative special''information, itthey willall includeseem aconnected number ofto specialexisting itemspokemon.
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[[Image:Shadow3.jpg|frame|right|Manyuura, Manene and Usohachi]]
The May 05 issue of Corocoro finally unmasks the 3 mysterious new pokemon shadows, Usohachi, Manene, and Manyuura, that have been circulating in the pokemon community the last month. Together with Munchlax and Lucario, we now have 5 pokemon of the 4th generation identified. These three new pokemon will make their first appearance in the upcoming 8th movie, Mew & The Wave Guiding Hero Lucario, in Japan.
About the new pokemon:
Manyuura (マニューラ)
Manene (マネネ)
Usohachi (ウソハチ)