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According to and, a double feature Region B {{wp|Blu-ray}} called ''Pokemon Forever'' will include the Pokémon movies {{bp|M04|''Pokémon 4ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest''}} and {{bp|M05|''Pokémon Heroes''}} and will be released in Germany on April 5. It will include audio and subtitles of both German and English languages.
This is this first Pokémon Blu-ray to be released in Europe and the second Pokémon double feature Blu-ray with the first being released in North America which includes {{bp|M07|''Destiny Deoxys''}} and, like the German Blu-ray, ''Pokémon Heroes''. As previously reported, the fourteenth Pokémon movie pair {{bp|M14|''Black—Victini and Reshiram'' and ''White—Victini and Zekrom''}} will be releasing on {{wp|DVD}} in [[Fourteenth Pokémon films coming to region 1 DVD April 3|North America]] and the [[Fourteenth Pokémon movies coming to UK DVD April 9|United Kingdom]] on April 3 and 9 - just less than a week before and after the release date of ''Pokémon Forever'' respectively. Also to be released on April 3 isin toAmerica be releasedis a Collection set containing all four movies from {{bp|M04|''Pokémon 4ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest''}} to {{bp|M07|''Destiny Deoxys''}} on Blu-Ray.
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