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Full Restore marathon underway

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blurb=Building upon the success of last year's charity event, another marathon of Pokémon games has begun. }}

The charity group Full Restore (previously known as Pokémon4Life), a team of gaming enthusiasts based in Britain, has begun playing ''{{bp|Pokémon}}'' games in a grand fundraising effort. The aim of the event is to raise money for the {{wp|British Red Cross|British Red Cross' Disaster Fund}} in collaboration with viewers. This year's marathon began on April 3, 2012 (7 p.m. GMT) and will conclude on April 7, 2012 (7 p.m. GMT). The group plans to focus on two games this year, which can be any of the handheld Pokémon games from {{bp|Generation I}}, {{bp|Generation II}}, or {{bp|Generation III}}. Currently, the group is playing through a Generation I game.

Deviating from typical videogame-marathon fundraisers, Full Restore promotes viewer participation in several ways, made possible with the broadcast of a live stream. Donating to the event earns one the privilege of suggesting the inclusion of a Pokémon in the group's current {{bp|party|Pokémon party}}. Viewers can also donate to suggest things such as {{bp|nickname|Pokémon nicknames}} or having the Full Restore sing live renditions of any given song, such as the ''{{bp|Pokémon Theme}}''. Provided that there is a high demand and a sufficient amount of donations, the team will even attempt the {{bp|Caught Pokémon|capture}} of {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} and/or the performance of the notorious {{bp|Mew glitch}}. Participants can also enter text in the chat box to communicate in real-time with the Full Restore team, who respond aloud from time to time. Additional information can be found on Full Restore's website. The group is also utilizing the '''#pokemonmarathon''' hashtag for the charity event on the social network {{wp|Twitter}}.

Full Restore, aptly named after {{bp|Full Restore|the restorative item of the same name}} in the Pokémon games, emerged as a student fundraising group located in {{wp|Wales}}. This event is the group's second annual charity marathon, following [ last year's Pokémon4Japan event], a 96-hour live that ran from April 11, 2011 to April 15, 2011. Pokémon4Japan managed to successfully raise £4000 for Japanese tsunami/earthquake relief funds.


* [ Full Restore's official website]
* [ Video trailer detailing the event]