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Full Restore marathon underway

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Deviating from typical videogame-marathon fundraisers, Full Restore promotes viewer participation in several ways, made possible with the broadcast of a live stream. Donating to the event earns one the privilege of suggesting the inclusion of a Pokémon in the group's current {{bp|party|Pokémon party}}. Viewers can also donate to suggest things such as {{bp|nickname|Pokémon nicknames}} or having the Full Restore sing live renditions of any given song, such as the ''{{bp|Pokémon Theme}}''. Provided that there is a high demand and a sufficient amount of donations, the team will even attempt the {{bp|Caught Pokémon|capture}} of {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} and/or the performance of the notorious {{bp|Mew glitch}}. Participants can also enter text in the chat box to communicate in real-time with the Full Restore team, who respond aloud from time to time. Additional information can be found on Full Restore's website. The group is also utilizing the '''#pokemonmarathon''' hashtag for the charity event on the social network {{wp|Twitter}}.
Full Restore, aptly named after {{bp|Full Restore|the restorative item of the same name}} in the Pokémon games, emerged as a student fundraising group located in {{wp|Wales}}. This event is the group's second annual charity marathon, following [ last year's Pokémon4Japan event], a 96-hour livelivestream that ran from April 11, 2011 to April 15, 2011. Pokémon4Japan managed to successfully raise £4000 for Japanese tsunami/earthquake relief funds.