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{{bp|Pokémon Fan}} magazine has revealed new information about the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup for {{series|Best Wishes|''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!''}}.:
* The Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup will have 16 participants.
* A battle between {{an|Iris}}'s {{p|Dragonite}} and {{an|Dawn}}'s {{p|Mamoswine}} will take place on August 23, 2012.
* Dragonite's competitive streak is so strong,competitive that it refuses to listen to Iris's commands.
* {{bp|Ash}} will be usinguse {{AP|Leavanny}} in the first round against an unknown opponent.
* {{an|Cilan}} will be usinguse {{pbp|Cilan's Pansage|Pansage}} against an unknown Trainer's {{p|Galvantula}}
* {{bp|Burgundy}} will be usinguse a {{p|Darmanitan}}.
* {{bp|Trip}} will be usinguse {{pbp|Trip's Servine|Serperior}}.
* {{p|Cinccino}}, {{p|Karrablast}}, {{p|Reuniclus}}, {{p|Heatmor}}, {{p|Golett}}, {{p|Zebstrika}}, {{p|Sawsbuck}}, and {{p|Stoutland}} will be used in the tournament.
A new episode's airingair date has also been revealed. The episode is scheduled to air on Aug. 23, 2012, while it is currently unknown; whichits episode number inwithin the ''Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!'' series it is, and what will be the actual title of the episode are currently unknown.
「ゲットしたばかりのカイリューは負けん気が強すぎてアイリスの言うことを 中々聞かない」
''The Dragonite that Iris only just caught has a competitive streak that is too strong, and it sometimes doesn't listen to what Iris says.''
Special thanks to ''jda95'' for translating itthe blurb.