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Two new Dragons Exalted Blisters revealed

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Two additional {{bp|Black & White TCG Series merchandise#Dragons Exalted Blisters|Blister packs}} for {{TCG|Dragons Exalted}} have been revealed by These new blisters feature {{TCG ID|Emerging Powers|Scolipede|40}} from {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} and {{TCG ID|Noble Victories|Lilligant|5}} from {{TCG|Noble Victories}}. Dragons Exalted will be released August 15, 2012.
[[New merchandise for Dragons Exalted revealed|Previously released images]] confirmed that the other blisters will feature {{TCG|Next Destinies}} {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Chandelure|20}} and {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} {{TCG ID|Emerging Powers|Excadrill|56}}. All the images can be seen together below, though it is completely possible that any of the cards are placeholders.