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North America
[[File:TCG_EX_Power_Tins_Group_Shot.jpg|thumb|300px|EX Power Tins]]
==North America==
For our fans in North America, we have three sets of [[bp:Black_%26_White_TCG_Series_merchandise#EX_Power_Tins|EX Power Tins]] to give away. Each set includes all three of the recently released Keldeo, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem EX Power Tin's which were recently released in North America. Each tin is packaged with four Black & White series booster packs of cards, a bonus [[bp:Meloetta_(BW_Promo_68)|Meloetta]] [[bp:Meloetta_(BW_Promo_69)|card]], bonus codes to unlock cards in the [[bp:Pokémon Trading Card Game Online|Pokémon Trading Card Online]] game, as well as either a {{TCG ID|BW Promo|Keldeo-EX|61}}, {{TCG ID|BW Promo|WhiteBlack Kyurem-EX|62}} or {{TCG ID|BW Promo|BlackWhite Kyurem-EX|63}} card.
To put yourself in the running for one of these EX Power Tin sets, tell us (in 20 words or less) “What Pokémon card from the recently released [[bp:Plasma Freeze (TCG)|Black & White: Plasma Freeze]] set are you most excited about, and why?”. You can send in your responses via [ @bulbanews on Twitter], via the [ Bulbagarden Facebook] page, via the [ Bulbagarden Forums thread] for this news article, or you can email us on [email protected] If you go for the email, please make sure to put in the subject that you're entering the "North American Reader Competition". Entries close 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time, Sunday the 19th of May.