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PokéBallerz playing Pokémon marathon for WaterAid

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Viewers who donate will be able to request for Pokémon to be caught and nicknamed. The six most donated Pokémon at any time will be used by the group in their Pokémon party and this will be updated regularly. Other donation requests are also available and donors will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win paintings of Pokémon.
The PokéballerzPokéBallerz team consists of Jason Choi, Harry Cuddy, Tim Doran, Eve Goodman, Ben Gibson, Fred Wildi and Tara Cooper along with other people and the York University Student Union (YUSU) helping out as well. Under the name of UoYZeldaMarathon, they previously held a Legend of Zelda gaming marathon for the local charity York Against Cancer.
*[ PokéBallerz donation page for WaterAid]
*[ Twitter page for PokéBallerz]