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[[CoroCoro reveals both Mega Charizard-EX|Recently revealed by CoroCoro]], the new Mega Charizard-EX cards now have images. Charizard-EX is numbered 011/080, while M-Charizard-EX is a Dragon type numbered 055/080. The side of the booster box shows that the {{p|Florges}} evolutionary line and {{p|Druddigon}} will also be appearing in the expansion. Images of the set's Goomy and Sliggoo cards were also shown, {{TCG ID|XY-P Promo|Goomy|26}} being a reprint of the recently released promotional card early February. A special Goodra promo card will be available upon purchase of a booster box. Also revealed for the main expansion are the Trainer cards Sacred Ash, Protect Cube, Flame Torch, and Lysandre. The set has 80 cards, not including Secret Rares.
The M-Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck will see its own {{ct|Fire}} Charizard-EX and M-Charizard-EX. The deck will also have its own print of the Lysandre card, and its own new Supporter, Blacksmith. Additionally revealed is a special Flame Torch promotional reprint available upon purchase of 1000円 worth of Wild Blaze related products. In commemoration of all the Charizard madness, a new set of sleeves and deckbox were also shown, to be released starting March 15.
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