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Commercial, Pokémon Center posters add to Phantom Gate

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Japan's next expansion {{TCG|Phantom Gate}} has received several new waves of information this past weekend from many directions. Pokémon Centers around Japan have pinned up posters featuring the Phantom Gate's Chandelure, M Manectric-EX, and Head Noiser, a new type of Tool, Pokémon Tool F, F standing for Flare. The TV commercial also aired this weekend, providing looks at new cards {{p|Hydreigon}}, {{p|Whismur}}, {{p|Fletchling}}, {{p|Purrloin}}, and {{p|Helioptile}}, and the possibility of another stadium. The expansion comes out on Sept. 13, 2014.
Pokémon Tool F cards are Tools that can be attached to the opposing player's Pokémon. It returns to the original player's side of play if ever removed from the opponent's Pokémon. Preview images of the new cards are posted below, but translations will instead be added to Bulbapedia content pages overtime.