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Gotta Meme 'em All: Vietnamese Crystal

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Although the game came into being around 2001, it did not become popular for years. It's first appearance on the internet was on a [ YouTube] video uploaded by user [ Jizg] on November 9th, 2006, titled "Pirated Pokemon Crystal," that shows a brief five-minute playthrough of the game. The video has gained just short of 50,000 views to date, which is not that much taking into account that it has been on YouTube for over eight years at the time of this article's publication. JizgBut this video did, however, lead to another event that caused the hacked gamebootleg to skyrocket ingreater popularitythings.
On March 8, 2011, [ DeliciousCinnamon] uploaded the first episode of a Let's Play series of a copy of Vietnamese Crystal that he received from outside sources that has gained over 890,000 views at the time of this article's publication. This video popularized the bootleg game and is responsible for it reaching status as a meme. Jizg helped spread the ROM file of the game by giving it to user [ WarlordShinkouhyou], who in turn offered it to viewers of DeliciousCinnamon's video in the video's comments section.
{{quote|I have this rom, I am willing to give anyone who messages me the link to it, since apparently you can't post links in comments. also, thumbs-up this comment so it doesn't get lost!|WarlordShinkouhyou}}
{{quote|@WarlordShinkouhyou Or the video owner could reply and bring it up there too :P I gave it to him personally, so it is indeed the same ROM.|Jizg}}
After DeliciousCinnamon's video, talk of the pirated video game spread throughout the various corners of the internet. Catchphrases derived from the game such as ''VOLCANO BAKEMEAT'', ''TRASHY'', and ''GO TO THE ELF'S WORLD'' became popular, and image macros and fanart were made centered around this terrible translation. Even today, ''Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal'' still remains one of the most popular memes in the Pokémon fandom.