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And how I came to be a writer for Bulbanews? Well, for years I have relied on this site to provide me with the latest Pokémon news. Heck, I even check the site every morning when I wake up. Then, on September 30th, 2014, they were holding staff drives for the site. I thought that it might be fun to write for a website whose purpose is to keep the Pokémon community informed, so I signed up. About a month later, I got an e-mail saying that I was accepted for the writer position on the website. [[Pokémon X and Y receive new software patch|My first article, which was written on October 31st, 2014, was on the v.1.3 software patch to Pokémon X and Y.]] I have been writing news articles for Bulbanews ever since!
Exactly two months later, I published the very first edition of what is probably the most controversial column in Bulbanews' history, [[Column:Gotta Meme 'em All|Gotta Meme 'em All]]. It is a job I quite enjoy andbut asI longhave ashad thereit areon morehiatus peoplefor whoseveral likemonths itbecause thanof peoplehigher whopriorities hatein itmy I will keep on writing itlife.
Oh yeah, if something in German ever comes up, which rarely happens, I'm one of the first people they bring it to because I have a basic knowledge of the language and becoming fluent in it is a life goal that I hope to someday fulfill.