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About Me
==About Me==
Having been born in the year of 2000, I was unable to witness the releases of some of history's greatest video games. But that did not stop me from playing them! My first system was an Atomic Grape Gameboy Color, with Kirby's Dream Land and Pokémon Blue Version being my first games. Throughout my life I have gained and lost interests, but the one thing that still stands tall is my love for Pokémon. I have played through all six generations of the iconic franchise, and my favorite one out of the bunch has to be Generation III, with Pokémon Emerald Version being my favorite video game not just out of the Pokémon series but of all time. My favorite Pokémon species would have to be Kadabra because it was on my Elite Four Teamteam in Blue, it was my first trading card (Dark Kadabra from the Team Rocket set to be exact) and I find the whole fracas Uri Geller had with Nintendo quite amusing.
And how I came to be a writer for Bulbanews? Well, for years I have relied on this site to provide me with the latest Pokémon news. Heck, I even check the site every morning when I wake up. Then, on September 30th, 2014, they were holding staff drives for the site. I thought that it might be fun to write for a website whose purpose is to keep the Pokémon community informed, so I signed up. About a month later, I got an e-mail saying that I was accepted for the writer position on the website. [[Pokémon X and Y receive new software patch|My first article, which was written on October 31st, 2014, was on the v.1.3 software patch to Pokémon X and Y.]] I have been writing news articles for Bulbanews ever since!
Oh yeah, if something in German ever comes up, which rarely happens, I'm one of the first people they bring it to because I have a basic knowledge of the language and becoming fluent in it is a life goal that I hope to someday fulfill.
==Other Interests==
I am an aspiring artist; my career goal/dream job is to be a cartoonist. Television cartoons have been a big part of my childhood, and I would like to return the favor. I also love music. My favorite genre is Classic Rock, and my favorite band is Queen. I am also a Libertarian, not that anyone knows what that is. :P