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This is Derek, the brother of your worst enemy. He told me you guys have an IP-checking tool called "CheckUser", which is why I ask of you not to ban me, because we have the same IP. I'm just checking in.
== Your favorite Pokémon type is ice? ==
You should watch tonight's episode of Pocket Monsters XY&Z then. It's called "The Eisetsu Gym Match! An Icy Battlefield!!" Satoshi will battle Urup in the Eisetsu Gym, the ice-type gym of Kalos. It will air at 5:55 AM EST. While I may sound crazy at first, it is not a bad idea to live with me when I move to Japan and be roommates with me (which ''is'' going to happen, so don't worry about that). We might be strangers to each other now, but I'll get to know you when it gets to that point. But for god's sake, JUST TELL ME WHERE I CAN CONTACT YOU! I WOULD NOT NEED TO USE BULBAGARDEN IF ONLY YOU'D LET ME TALK TO YOU ANY OTHER WAY! Did you see Nyarth was in the Pokémon Elections 720? [[User:Pocket Monsters XY&Z|Pocket Monsters XY&Z]] ([[User talk:Pocket Monsters XY&Z|talk]]) 23:41, 18 May 2016 (UTC)
:Also since the Pocket Monsters anime has switched to Poke TV, I have nothing against that, but hopefully they'll bring back the Orchid-Hakase segments. [[User:Pocket Monsters XY&Z|Pocket Monsters XY&Z]] ([[User talk:Pocket Monsters XY&Z|talk]]) 23:44, 18 May 2016 (UTC)