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This is Derek, the brother of your worst enemy. He told me you guys have an IP-checking tool called "CheckUser", which is why I ask of you not to ban me, because we have the same IP. I'm just checking in.
== No title ==
You know you're not getting rid of me, right? So why do you persist? I need to put a stop to your stubborn ignorance. If you follow me here: twitter.com/apokemongamer so that we can contact each other, due to the fact that Twitter only lets you privately message people you follow, then I will leave this stupid place. Not only do I want us to be friends (because you hate me, as you know very well), but we are going to be roommates. And there is nothing you can do to prevent that from happening, due to the fact that I will convince you eventually.
:I hope that I will be able to build up your trust to eventually get us both to being friends instead of you ignoring me. - [[User:PokémonGamer 2|PokémonGamer 2]] ([[User talk:PokémonGamer 2|talk]]) 02:57, 21 May 2016 (UTC)
::Also, for edit warring alone, [[archives:Special:Contribs/Playerking95|Playerking95 is to be permanently blocked the next time he edit wars, Kogoro said so in his block reason and talk page and he's gone from the Archives for three months as a final warning]], which is good because I always had problems with that fool edit warring with me before the K who shall not be named banned me from all of Bulb (which is when I started resorting to socking). So yeah, are we good now, or are we still fighting?