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{{wp|DeadlineMultiple Hollywood}}media hasoutlets have confirmed that {{wp|Legendary Entertainment|Legendary Pictures}} has won the rights to a live-action Pokémon movie and is set to begin production on it next year.
The film, produced by the studio behind ''{{wp|Watchmen (film) |Watchmen}}'', ''{{wp|The Dark Knight Trilogy}}'', and ''{{wp|Jurassic World}}'', is set to follow the escapades of {{bp|Detective Pikachu}}, taking cues from the Nintendo 3DS game that was released in Japan back in February, according to theDeadline reportHollywood's Mike Fleming, Jr.
The film is expected to be the first of a potential film franchise.
A live-action Pokémon movie [[Sony, Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures battle for Pokémon movie rights|had been rumored since last April]], when reports of a bidding war came out. No official report confirmed that the movie was being considered until today's news.
There is no further information about the film's production, though there are talks that screenwriter {{wp|Max Landis}}, son of director {{wp|John Landis}} and writer of ''{{wp|Chronicle (film)|Chronicle}}'' for {{wp|20th Century Fox|Fox}}, is negotiating to write the screenplay, according to DeadlineFleming.
{{wp|Universal Studios|Universal Pictures}} is confirmed to release the movie in all territories except Japan, where {{wp|Toho}} will handle distribution. Universal has had a five year co-financing and distribution agreement with Legendary since 2014, though whether or not Universal will participate in the film's financing remains unclear.