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Legendary Pictures to produce Detective Pikachu movie

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{{wp|Universal Studios|Universal Pictures}} is confirmed to release the movie in all territories except Japan, where {{wp|Toho}} will handle distribution. Universal has had a five year co-financing and distribution agreement with Legendary since 2014, though whether or not Universal will participate in the film's financing remains unclear.
The victory for both Legendary and Universal is a major blow for {{wp|Warner Bros.}} and {{wpSony Pictures Entertainment|Sony Pictures Entertainment|Sony Pictures}}, both of whom were alleged to be major players for the Pokémon film rights as well. Warner Bros., who in April was reported to have "aggressively" pursued the Pokémon live-action film rights, helped distribute the first three Pokémon films based off the anime worldwide during the franchise's early years, but dropped the rights in 2001 after the underperformance of the third movie.
In terms of movies based off video games, Warner has mostly sat out of the genre after their former sister studio, {{wp|New Line Cinema}}, released the critically-lambasted ''{{wp|Mortal Kombat: Annihilation}}'' in 1997, more than a decade before Warner took over the studio. (On a side note, Warner acquired the ''{{wp|Mortal Kombat}}'' intellectual property from {{wp|Midway Games}} in 2009 after the latter filed for bankruptcy that year.)