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Bulbagarden launches eighth annual Christmas Contests

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* '''[ 12 Days of Christmas Trivia]''': 12 tricky trivia questions to test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise (or at the very least, your ability to search for things on Bulbapedia)
* '''[ Rapidash Trivia]''': A battle of wits and speed as you test your knowledge of the Pokémon franchise in a real time contest where only the fastest will win!
* '''[ An Alolan Winter's Path - Holiday Scavenger Hunt]''': The Bulbagarden scavenger hunt returns for another year. A trail of riddles will lead you on a journey through all of Bulbagarden.
* '''[ Holiday Trainer's Tales]''': Budding writers, poets and songwrighters can sink their keyboards into this set of 3 holiday themed short writing challenges. Don't worry if you're not that eloquent, this contest is about your ideas and not just your prose.
* '''[ Holiday Arts, Crafts and Creations]''': For those whose creative talents trend more to arts, crafts and design, we've got 3 holiday themed challenges for you to pour some holiday spirit into. Have trouble coloring between the lines? Not a problem, this contest tests your creative flair and not just your steady hand.