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ONOG Pokémon Invitational to be held this weekend

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[[File:ONOGInvitational.png|thumb|ONOG Pokémon Invitational logo]]
[ One Nation of Gamers], in collaboration with [ GEICO Gaming], are inviting Pokémon fans to tune in to the ONOG Pokémon Invitational this weekend, streaming live on [ Twitch] and [ Youtube]. The tournament will bring together some of the most celebrated competitive Pokémon video game players in the world.
==Tournament Format==
==External Links==
*[ Tournament Home Page]
*[ One Nation of Gamers on Twitch]
*[ One Nation of Gamers on Youtube]
*[ @ONOGesports on Twitter]
*[ @GEICOGaming on Twitter]
*[ Markus "Yoshi" Stadter Tournament Profile]
*[ Sejun Park Tournament Profile]