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Charizard codes to be available at Target in North America

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Codes to obtain {{p|Charizard}} in Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available at {{wp|Target Corporation|Target}} stores in North America from October 1 to 14, 2017. The codes can be used until February 4, 2018. While the press release states that the codes will be available at Target stores in both the United States and Canada, {{wp|Target Canada}} is no longer in business.
The codes are being given away to promote the Pokémon TCG: {{DL|Sun & Moon TCG Series merchandise|Charizard-GX Premium Collection}}, aavailable TCGexclusively at Target on Sept. 24 ahead of its Oct. 13 release date productelsewhere.
This Charizard is {{bp|level}} 50, has the Ability {{a|Blaze}}, holds a {{bp|Red Card}}, and knows the moves {{m4|Dragon Dance|Flare Blitz|Fly|Earthquake}}.