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*Battles will be conducted using 5 minutes of "Your Time" instead of 10 minutes. This is a time limit that is only deducted while each player is making a decision on a Pokémon move or switching Pokémon. In order to maintain an enjoyable tournament environment this time limit might changed later in the season based on feedback from VGC tournament organisers.
*​Pokémon that are below and above Level 50 will be auto-leveled up and down to 50 for the duration of battle.
*Each player is not allowed to have any Pokémon with a move, Ability, Nature, or other attribute that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay or official promotionevent.
*Before entering official Play! Pokémon tournaments each player's Team lists should be completed using the language to which that player's game is set.
*Manual Hack Check considerations have been updated for the 2018 format as shown below: