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2018 Japan Championships to be held June 9 and 10

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blurbpublisherlink=ThisUser:Abcboy Jun 9-10th Makuhari Messe will be holding the 2018 season Pokémon Championship in Japan. Both TCG and POkken will be largely focused on during the competition. }}|
{{CategorizeIntagline=To feature TCG, VGC, and Pokkén competitions |Games|1|18}}
blurb=The 2018 Pokémon Japan Championships will be held the weekend of June 9 at the Makuhari Messe convention center outside Tokyo in Japan. }}
[[File:Pokémon Pokemon_2018_championship-Japan-image Championships 2018 logo.jpg|thumb|2018Pokémon JapaneseJapan ChampionshipChampionships 2018]]
ThisThe Jun.2018 9-10thPokémon MakuhariJapan MesseChampionships will be holdingheld thefrom 2018June season9 {{bp|Pokémonto Championship}}10 inat Japan. Boththe {{bpwp|PokémonTradingMakuhari Card GameMesse}} andconvention {{bp|Pokkencenter Tournament}}outside willTokyo bein largely focused during the competitionJapan.The competition will award high ranking playersAs in bothprevious Pokken and TCGyears, the abilitytournament towill gofeature tothree thetournaments: 2018 Japanese world tournament. To qualifyone for eachthe gamecore divisionseries playersvideo mustgames rank(using in{{bp|Pokémon oneUltra ofSun threeand onlineUltra competitions. The first competition starts in Jan.Moon}}), followedone byfor the later{{bp|Pokémon twoTrading inCard Mar.Game}}, Andand 2018.Thefor amount{{bp|Pokkén of qualifying high-rank positions vary depending on the tournamentTournament}}.
The competition will award high-ranking players in each tournament the ability to go to the 2018 Pokémon World Championships, which were [[2018 World Championships to be held in Nashville|previously announced]] for Nashville, Tennessee in the United States.
To qualify for the video game division, players must rank in one of three online competitions. The first of these competitions [[2018 International Challenge - January tournament announced|starts this month]], followed by two in March and April later this year.