Apparenlty Here you do not have to be Autoconfirmed to create your profile like you do on Bulbapedia although I am now autoconfirmed here as wel. 13 edits so far to bulbanews in just over a month but only about 20 on Bulbapedia in 1 year.. Anyways welcome to my Profile. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask on my Talk page. I am Marchbaby and I am a member of a couple different wikis. I am not sure if we are allowed to link to non pokemon wikis or not so I will not link to any for now. Anyways I love pokemon, Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty (The WWII ones I cannot stand the Modern ones)Medal of Honor, Ace Combat,Armored Core,Okami,Alvin and the Chipmunks,and The West online Game.I also love to read about the two World Wars. I know some German but I am sadly not fluent but I am studying a second year of the language Zweites Jahr (Second year and I hope I did that correctly) I also love to get on the computer on my free time and get on all sorts of sites including this one which thankfully is not blocked in my school. If you ever need help with anything or if you need a pokemon do not be afraid to ask me but at the same time follow the rules of editing the Userspaces to help with the sites servers since it was getting overloaded a while back.

As you can probally tell most of this is copied from my Bulbapedia account because I am in school as of creating this and do not have the time to type it as of now but I will make changes later.