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{{epi-dub|8|17|SM117|Drawn with the Wind!}}
{{epi-dub|8|24|SM118|Aiming for the Top Floor!}}
{{epi-dub|8|31|SM119|A High-Speed Awakening!}}<!--
{{epi-dub|9|7|SM120|The One Thatthat Didn't Get Away!}}
{{epi-dub|9|14|SM121|A Recipe for Success!}}-->
{{epi-dub|9|21|SM122|Spying for the Guy!}}
{{epi-dub|9|28|SM123|A Fiery Training Camp Trick!}}
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{{epi-dub|9|7|SM118|Aiming for the Top Floor!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|9|14|SM119|A High-Speed Awakening!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|9|21|SM120|The One Thatthat Didn't Get Away!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|9|28|SM121|A Recipe for Success!|12 p.m.}}-->
{{epi-dub|10|5|SM122|Spying for the Guy!|12 p.m.}}
{{epi-dub|10|12|SM123|A Fiery Training Camp Trick!|12 p.m.}}-->
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{{epi-dub|8|16|SM117|Drawn with the Wind!|8:24 a.m.|Friday|BST}}
<!--{{epi-dub|||SM118|Aiming for the Top Floor!|||BST}}
{{epi-dub|||SM119|A High-Speed Awakening!|||BST}}-->
{{epi-dub|||SM120|The One that Didn't Get Away!|||BST}}
{{epi-dub|||SM121|A Recipe for Success!|||BST}}
{{epi-dub|||SM122|Spying for the Guy!|||BST}}
{{epi-dub|||SM123|A Fiery Training Camp Trick!|||BST}}-->