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{{epi-dub|12|30|SM129|Battle Royal 151!|5:55 p.m.|Monday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|12|31|SM130|Battling Besties!|5:30 p.m.|Tuesday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|12|31|SM131|The Battlefield of Truth and Love!|5:55 p.m.|Tuesday|GMT}}<!--
{{epi-dub|||SM132|Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy!|5:30 p.m.|Wednesday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM133|Battling on the Wing!|5:55 p.m.|Wednesday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM134|The Road to the Semifinals|5:30 p.m.|Thursday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM135|The Final Four!|5:55 p.m.|Thursday|GMT}}<!--
{{epi-dub|||SM136|Getting Down to The Ire!|5:30 p.m.|Friday|GMT}}
{{epi-dub|||SM137|The Wisdom Not to Run!|5:55 p.m.|Friday|GMT}}